Make your to-do list shorter.

Do you have that one project that stays on your to-do list?

Clean out a closet, go through those boxes of photos, transfer your VCR tapes to DVD, purge years of “stuff” that has settled in your attic or basement?... you get the picture. 

That's why I'm here! I can help you tackle those “hard to start” or overwhelming projects.  Don’t want to just throw everything away? We’ll find the right home or purpose for everything.

For questions about a specific service, or for pricing, contact me!



  • Packing or unpacking from a move

  • Organize anything that has grown out of control

  • Clean out rented storage units

  • Clean out and organize attics, closets, basements, garages

  • Item Removal:

    • Appraisals

    • Selling on eBay, Craig’s List, Poshmark, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, or local online garage sale sites

    • Donate for tax deduction

    • Give Away

    • Throw Away

  • Acquire 3-5 estimates for a project or service

  • Home watch services while you are away – mail, newspapers, lights on and off, cars moved

  • Filing

  • Back-up of data, photos and important information

  • Digital Conversion of:

    • Photos

    • Video Tapes

    • Cassette Tapes

    • Slides